Letter to Club Momentum Families, 

It is with great pleasure that we announce our official partnership with Chicago Sand Volleyball this summer. CSV is one of the few sand-only programs in the Midwest and fewer still that top over 150 kids! They bring to the table a unique understanding for the landscape of the game here and around the country, as well incredible organization, communication, and training. This summer they are offering both a traditional and national program as well as many hosted boys tournaments. 

As you visit the website, you will see all the programs near you at either the Main Campus in Downers Grove, West Campus in Winfield, or North Campus in Northbrook. 

We hope to see you in the sand this summer improving your vertical jump, staying in shape, and improving your all-around volleyball skills in a fun and competitive environment.

Thank you,

Matt Switzer, 


                Do I need a partner?

                                All registration is done as individuals. Our traditional program is training only so you only sign up as an individual. If you want to compete we can help you find partners from the group.

I am gone for one – three weeks over the summer, is that OK?

                                It is the summer time! Please go on vacations, mission’s trips, school camps that is highly encouraged. We expect all athletes to miss between one – three weeks.

                How can I learn more about this program prior to signing up?

Call or text or email CSV at 630.866.3192 or email at
Attend a free day at our North Campus:
Attend the informational meeting: