Mini Tournaments

Oct 7th: A & BB (Boys)
Oct 14th: BB & B (Boys)
Oct 21st: B & CC (Boys)
Oct 28th: CC & C (Boys)

Nov 4th: 
Nov 11th: 
Nov 18th: 
Nov 25th: 

Dec 2nd: 
Dec 9th: 
Dec 16th: 

How do I register? Click here
How much does it cost? $50 (per team)
What is the format? 

  • Two courts and 4-8 teams per tournament
  • You will play between 3-5 mini games (timed mini matches)
  • You will play everybody in your division and winners will be selected based on set wins and then points scored and then head to head. 
  • Every tournament you get points based on your finish & the top four players will recieve prizes at the end of the season!

What is the Downers Sand Club? 

  • DSC is a thriving restaurant, bar, sand facility, and family environment. 
  • You can eat (really good food, not bad bar food) well you watch your kids play!
  • Your kids have access to lockers and showers so they do bring all that sand back into the car. 
  • The whole family can come and enjoy the day at the pool tables, carpet ball, bags, darts life-sized Jenga and so much more!

What do I do if I'm not sure what division to play in?

  • Do not worry about it! Just shoot us an email or call and we can talk you through what might be the appropriate division. 
  • You are not locked into any division, if you feel you want to try the next level... just do it!
  • We will monitor division to avoid A level players "accidentally" joining the CC division, but we trust you to make play fairly. 

What division should I play in? 
In an effort to create a system like the adult game we will created a model for our kids to play in a division suited to their skill not just their age. 

CC - New players (10-14 years old)

  • You are new to sand volleyball and maybe only played one season (or none) indoors.

C - Indoor club player but newer to the sand (12-16)

  • You play indoors and might be on a good indoors team but never really played sand. You want to be exposed to the game but do not feel like you want to jump in with the intermediate "B" group. 

B - Played in some summer sand tournaments (14 - Adult)

  • This level is equivalent to an adult players tournament "B"
  • You understand the basic rules and are starting to enjoy the game. You can do all the skills but need a lot more practice to do them consistently. You have an OK defense (probably stronger then you offense). You use your platform to set but you might use your hands on perfect passes. 

BB - Played several tournaments and a strong sand player (14 - Adult)

  • This level is equivalent to an adult players tournament "BB"
  • You should be able to score on good sets 70% of the time. Defensively understand where you should be and when you should be there. You have a consistent serve. You can set with your hands (maybe not perfect just yet) and you have a strong understanding of all the rules and theory. 

A - Highest level sand player (16 - Adult)

  • This level is equivalent to an adult players tournament "A"
  • You should be able to execute an aggressive offensive and have a strong knowledge of game theory, offensive calls and system, defensive calls and system. You and your partner have defined roles as split blockers or a big & a little. You can score 85% off good sets & feel confident out of system.